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30 Day Tapping Challenge

with Pam

Do you wish you could have supreme confidence in every part of your life?

How would it feel to have everything you've ever wanted?

Your destiny is everything you have desired.

With the help of EFT/Tapping, you can face the thought and reprogram it so you can finally feel worthy and confident. 

Are you ready?

👉  Our opening circle is July 10 at 10 am PT

I know you want to live your life on your terms, feel powerful, and own your voice.

I created this challenge so you can work through the ugly voices in your head telling you you can't have it all. Finally say thank you and goodbye to her

Because I believe you deserve to take up space and feel worthy in every part of your life.

👉  Stop self sabotaging your success and experience inner transformation. Finally see it's possible to achieve what you want within the first week of tapping.

👉  Let go of the expectations the world has told you and be ready to reprogram your mind to reflect the reality you want. You will understand how to handle negative thoughts that creep back in.

👉  Feel empowered to receive good things in your life by using gratitude, get rid of procrastination, and accomplish your goals with ease.

Hi there, I’m Pam

The one behind the 30 Day Tapping challenge.

I discovered tapping when I realized I was a procrastinator in college and I’ve been tapping ever since (over a decade ago, frankly almost two 😱 ).

EFT changed my life and it is a tool I continue to use to help me daily to accomplish my goals.

One of my money stories was "there isn't enough" and for a long time I lived believing that until I realized I had a story in my head from when I was 11 years old and we actually didn't have enough. 

My dad told me he couldn't buy new shoes because we didn't have the money. 

Through tapping, I was able to rewrite the story so now I understand that while I didn't have enough then, I can have all the shoes I want now. But now I buy houses instead 😉

I can't wait to share this tool with you.

Are you ready to tap about it?

Don't feel quite ready yet?

Let me share what is inside the tapping challenge and what you get

30 Day Tapping Challenge


30 days of tapping exercises

30 daily emails to collapse your money stories

Daily journaling exercises to improve self worth stories

Bonus tapping videos to work through limiting beliefs

Access to online community for ongoing support

Private podcast feed with tapping sequences

PLUS receive access to 5 Tapping circles to collapse beliefs and work together as a group

What is tapping?

Ah, I've been waiting for that question....

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques

A gentle and safe self-help tool that helps you release stress also known as "emotional acupuncture" without the needles.

Focused on thoughts, feelings, or physical sensations in the body that could be causing discomfort.

Rooted in traditional acupuncture principles, energy psychology, and neurolinguistic programming. Together they can help reduce difficult thoughts and accept new positive ones.

It is completely self-administered and you can do it at anytime, all you need is your fingers and your body. If for some reason you can't use your fingers or your body, you can use your mind to imagine tapping on your body.

Are You Ready To Cry Happy Tears Over getting results like these? 😭😭

I'm not kidding, and these are just a few of many who got incredible results

What are the next 30 days going to look like?

Everyone shows up on July 10, 2021 at 10 am PT for opening circle where we will set an intention and begin processing our thoughts

We learn how to feel safe within so we can look at money and our bank account without feeling so much resistance

We explore what it is like to feel worthy of abundance, and remember that abundance doesn't always equal money

We begin working on reprogramming our beliefs around not being able to receive more

Now you are ready to create a new story and begin creating happiness, peace, and wealth

After our time together, it is time to integrate your thoughts and choose how you are going to continue your journey with this tool

Get ready to make radical changes with the 30 Day Tapping 

Challenge with Pam✨

It's time to take action and emerge from this past year with the 30 Day Tapping Challenge

I can’t wait for you to see everything waiting for you inside.

The Tapping Challenge is Ready for You Today


30 Days of Tapping
Tapping Challenge With videos
Private Podcast Feed

Got Questions?

How much time is necessary to complete the challenge?

About 20-30 minutes per day so you can complete your daily tapping and some journaling if you feel called to.

What if I have already participated in a previous tapping challenge?

Amazing. Welcome back! As an alum (for either Regular, Plus or PowerSisters), you access your portal and restart the challenge. No need to pay again!

Will this work for me if I have never done EFT?

Absolutely, in fact, you immediately get access to a video where I explain what EFT is so you can start getting familiar with the tool.

I am a PowerSister

Yay! You already have access to the tapping challenge portal and can access the alum special pricing to join the circles.

I believe #AllLivesMatter

We believe #BlackLivesMatter because it isn't until the liberation of Black bodies that everyone is truly free. If you don't align with this belief, please look for another program because we won't get along ☺️

I don't believe in pronouns

We believe every human being is empowered to be called their pronouns, they're not "preferred" they just are. We honor each individual and their beautiful complexities. If you still don't understand, you can read more here. You're welcome.

What is your refund policy?

Just like a Bad Bunny concert, we want you to invest responsibly. We want you to drop your coins where your priorities are and for that reason, all payments received are non-refundable. If you are already doubting, maybe this is not the time to do the challenge.

I have other questions

Sure, please contact for support and getting your questions answered.

Grab your spot and start tapping, you know you're ready

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